No matter how it comes or what we call it we all get depressed. Whether we refer to as “the blues, or “feeling down” depression can hurt. I feel fortunate however that my depression only last a short time. Some people suffer for week, or months with depression. Along with this feeling is the sense of being lost, hopelessness, lethargic, no pleasure in present, past or future.

Recently my brother in law came to visit. It was the first time I had actually seen or talked to him since the death of my sister. I was dreading the visit. I wanted to think of different ways to get out of it. None of this is because I don’t like my brother in law but rather the memory he brought with him. He is a good person. Like me, I am sure he suffers daily with his loss and struggles to make sense of each day.

My sister meant the world to me. She was the one I turned to when I was depressed, sad, happy, or just needed to hear a voice. We laughed, cooked and enjoyed life together. When her children were born I shared in her joy. I watched them grow into adults and start their families. I hated the fact that I could do nothing to save her. She had kidney disease and went into a coma. Her family decided rather than make her suffer she should come off the life support. I fully support them in the decision and know it was incredibly difficult to make that choice. I would not have wanted to see my sister suffer any more than she needed.

All of this brings me to the feelings of depression. I feel blessed that I have the skills to deal with my depression so that it does not control my life. So many others suffer daily with those horrible feelings. They have no one to talk to or turn to. They are drowning. In my practice I see depression from death, job loss, and relationship problems. I am so happy when I am able to not only give these people an outlet but hopefully teach them skills on.

To all of you out there struggling with depression, whether it is from death, relationship, or whatever, know you are not alone. There are people around you that care and will listen. Reach out and touch one of those people. Take their hand and tell them your story. Depression can be beat. It is a lonely road and there is no need for you to have to travel it alone. I like to think people are innately good and care for one another. I like to believe when someone reaches out we are there to respond and be a good friend.

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