Today I did a Check-In

What 3 emotions was I carrying right now? I found it interesting that I did not have to really ponder long! I looked around my office and began to write.

1) Sadness- I carry sadness today as I look upon the past few days and events that have happened worldwide. We watched in total disbelief as Notre Dame Cathedral burned. What? How? So many questions ran through my mind as I listened and let the reports flood over me. A huge piece of history was burning. I noted that I had never been to tour it and drink in its wonders. So many people walked in and out of Notre Dame Cathedral and each left with a memory and a bit of wonder. To now see it burn was saddening and a reminder of how life can change in an instant.

2) Fear- I carry fear today as I listen to my leaders argue and refuse to work together. Instead of pulling together to keep our nation strong they argue and call each other names. They invoke fear in the public by suggesting rumors or false stories. There doesn’t have to be truth just enough distrust to start a wildfire. Our country has more than one party because we have more than one person and everyone has different beliefs and thought processes. I worry about what will happen tomorrow. What will the next generation be strapped with because we can’t stop hate mongering long enough to set them up for success? I remember 9/11 and how we were all one. We spoke softly to each other and held hands. Neighbors came out and talked to one another.

3) Joy- I carry joy today because I know that the other two emotions will not last. This too shall pass, I have faith in mankind. While there are times of worry there are also times of great strength and fellowship. Already money is pouring in to Notre Dame Cathedral for repairs! I remind myself, people are inherently good and I am grateful.

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